Getting Things Together

Let's all stop dragging our feet. 

Let's get it together

Let's turn into meat. 

HI! How's it going? Put your communication devices down and stop shouting your answers. I'm just being polite. HEY. I am "The Impar" and this is my goofy art website. The Fun Drome is a collective of like-minded artists.

 I know, I know; "people" don't "visit" "websites" anymore unless it has endless hours of live video content containing humanity at their element - staring lost and giggling into a camera with their mouths agape pretending to be each other's friends in exchange for ad revenue from products that someone somewhere must buy. RIGHT??? That comes off like snarky condemnation of the culture of media consumption, but it isn't. I, too, am a huge fan of this awful place called, "ON-LINE."

Let's do a first Carpal Tunnel Fun Drome update ROUNDUP. Pull up your pants and click the heels of your boots. GIDDYUP! YEEE-HAW.

  • I made this blog so people can keep track of whenever something new gets added. Wee!
  • We got some great work filed under MOOG's page! It's great and I'm super pumped about it! You like, yes? Check it out!